Qwert Press Kit

Welcome to the Qwert Press kit! Here you can find information related to the word game Qwert by Karate Possum Games™. If you require different formats for any of the files or additional information, please feel free to contact us at press@karatepossum.com.


Fire up the typewriter and stretch your fingers, because it’s time to play Qwert – a new type of word game! Qwert challenges you to come up wth words based on open prompts that give you the freedom to think outside the grid in fast-paced multiplayer matches and solo games. Battle opponents in a real-time war of words or fly solo to beat your personal best!

Qwert will keep your thumbs nimble with different game modes:

In Time Attack, think fast and come up with as many words as you can that “Start with A” or “Contain B” – the quickest-witted wins! In Wordplay, slow your roll and make it count with the single highest-scoring word you can think of that “Starts with Q” or “Ends with T” – the most verbose is the victor! In between matches, wind down with brain-boosting solo games like Splat, a survival mini game that challenges you to squash a pesky infestation of flying letters!

If you love Qwert, upgrade to the premium version and enjoy bonus features like customizable keyboard skins and a personal dictionary that keeps track of all your words with definitions and point values!* Train your brain, expand your vocabulary, and top the leaderboards in Qwert – a new type of word game!

*Upgrading to premium is optional and not required for full gameplay experience

Gameplay Details

Qwert is a unique new entry into the word game genre. Players compete in real-time PvP matches that challenge them to come up with the highest-scoring words they can, based on prompts – simple rules that players must follow to form words. “Starts with T and ends in S” can be any word in the dictionary that starts with T and ends in S. It’s that simple!

Global leaderboards and an in-game dictionary that keeps track of a user’s submitted words are additional features that keep players coming back. The beauty of Qwert is in its simplicity: it’s a fun, fast-paced, open-ended word game that lets players think outside the grid and experience addictively challenging gameplay with virtually no limitations!

About the Developer

Karate Possum Games™ is an independent game studio founded in 2022 by Peter Francis Barnett, a game designer and web developer.

Fact Sheet

Game Title: Qwert

Developer: Karate Possum Games™

Release Date: April, 2023

Platforms: iOS and Android

Distribution: App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Freemium

Premium: One-time payment to remove ads and unlock Keyboard Skins and Player Dictionary

Languages: English

Availability: Worldwide

ESRB: E for everyone

Press Contact: press@karatepossum.com

Website: https://karatepossum.com

Press Kit: https://karatepossum.com/press

Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_tqDVC2QFI

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