Qwert Press Kit

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Fire up the typewriter, it’s time to play Qwert. Stretch your fingers and get ready for a new TYPE of word game that will put your vocabulary skills to the test!

In Qwert, there are no letter tiles – it’s just you, your brain and the keyboard. Come up with words based on open-ended prompts and type as quickly as you can in fast-paced face-offs and stimulating, brain-training solo games. Take on friends and challengers in real-time head-to-head battles or fly solo to beat your personal best.

Qwert combines the best features of classic word games and speed typing games and rolls them into one unique and challenging experience! Keep your thumbs nimble with different game modes. Think fast in Time Attack and come up with as many words you can, or slow your roll with Wordplay where the highest scoring word wins. Need a break from the competition? Outsmart the swarm in Splat, a solo survival mini-game, and squash a pesky infestation of flying letters!

Qwert offers a new take on word-building games with next-level challenges that will test your vocabulary like never before. Download now and climb the leaderboards to become the next top wordsmith and challenge your own personal best.

Qwert Features

Word Challenges in Fun Game Modes

  • Fast-paced wordplay for quick-witted fun
  • Use the letters and prompts given to create words in a real test of your spelling and vocabulary
  • No letter tiles here – freeform typing makes for challenging word blitz games

Multiplayer Face-Offs or Solo Gameplay

  • Challenge opponents and friends in a real-time PVP war of words in Time Attack and Wordplay
  • Fly solo in Splat to beat your personal best in a survival mini game challenge
  • Climb the leaderboards and set your own record as you increase your vocabulary and sharpen your brain

Unique Visuals With Customizable Games

  • Dive into a vaudevillian theme for an experience packed with quirky charm throughout
  • Customize keyboard skins and build your own personal dictionary to keep track of your words with definitions and point values*
  • A dedicated horn button, because why not?

Train your brain, boost your vocabulary, and top the leaderboards in Qwert – a new TYPE of word game! Download today for a fun, new take on word building challenges and prove your linguistic prowess.

*Available in Qwert Premium (in-app purchase).

About the Developer

Founded in 2022 by artist and designer Peter Francis Barnett, Karate Possum Games is an LA-based indie game studio focused on creating “smart fun” games for mobile.

Fact Sheet

Game Title: Qwert

Developer: Karate Possum Games

Release Date: June 14th, 2023

Platforms: iOS and Android

Distribution: App Store, Google Play

Price: Freemium with option for one-time purchase to remove ads and unlock extra features

Languages: English

Availability: Worldwide

ESRB: E for everyone

Press Contact: press@karatepossum.com

Website: https://karatepossum.com

Press Kit: https://karatepossum.com/press

Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiDPvPgoh6E

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