Free Pin Giveaway

New winner drawn each week!

Check out the pin here


Share Qwert on social media to enter for a chance to win a free “Typewriter Fly” enamel pin!

  • One new winner will be chosen randomly each week
  • You can post as many times as you like (for example if you post week 1 and aren’t chosen, you may post again the following week)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Share your experience with Qwert by creating a post on any of your social media accounts and mention us using one of the usernames below. You must include a link to the game or this website so people can get to the content. NOTE: some platforms like Instagram won’t allow us see mentions from a private account. In that case, you can just email a screenshot of the post to or switch your account to public temporarily before you post.
  1. Send a message to confirming your post and provide your preferred contact (email, social media, etc.) so I know how to get in touch if you win
  1. Wait for a message and/or check Instagram for general updates on the event
  1. If you win, you’ll just need to provide your shipping info so I know where to send the goods. If not, you can post again to be considered the following week.
  • Winner will be chosen at the end of each week on Sunday at 11:59PM PST
  • No dummy accounts please! Only posts from a legit account will be considered. Must be a post, comments do not count!
  • Limit 1 pin per winner